‘To create a safe space for people to come together and share stories in the here and now.’

Half-Light Nights is a theater company founded by Andrea Cano Molina and Catherine Rose Tausney in 2019.

After meeting at the Citizens Theatre and being part of their Young Company for several years, we knew it was time to make the jump to professional theatre. We didn't want to wait around for opportunities and we just had the urge to continue creating stories and going back to working with people when there is no pressure: by playing. 

We had stories to share and needed a platform to do so, and that is how Half-Light Nights was born.

In continuing with our work, we are proud to have our own agency over what stories we tell, with things that move us and compel us to share it with an audience, and going back to the root of what theatre should be about: fun.


Our main drive is based on the idea of not sitting around waiting for opportunities, but creating them oneself and making them happen.